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on Grassroot Soccer 2013

There were parts of today when I wanted to use some choice words. (Mostly one word. That started with an ‘F’.)

Chairing an event of this magnitude is a lot, even with the collaboration of multiple chairs and a whole committee, it’s a lot. I was definitely stressed out, maybe unnecessarily, but there were just a lot of unforeseen circumstances that made things difficult on us.

That being said, THANK GOD FOR PEOPLE HELPING AND TAKING CHARGE AND KEEPING ME SANE, especially: Sai and Yejin, who seriously were the lifeblood of this event; Peter for providing everything necessary (esp. rides) and for keeping us happy; Ben for singing to me; Justin for being the best support throughout the day that I could ever ask for.

All madness aside, I hope people had fun! The day was a success in my book, and I’m really happy that so many were able to come out. I genuinely love events where a buncha people across various divisions can gather to have fun and raise money and awareness for a great cause! The weather was also PERFECTION. I’m like, 5 shades darker.

Now, I just needa brew a pot of coffee, watch Law and Order SVU and pretend school doesn’t exist.

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